About Me

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Sybilla "Billy" Levenston

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants"

- Michael Pollan -

I’ve always been fascinated with medicine, coming from a family full of doctors and nurses. Being a nutritionist, or dietitian – or anyone dispensing information and advice on food intake – entails considerable responsibility. You are accountable for advising someone on not only what to do at least three times, every day, but how to live a healthy life, long-term. Every person is different, every body is different, and food is fascinatingly complex. I strongly believe there ought to be a robust scientific foundation to nutritional advise. 

I am a qualified dietitian and nutritionist with a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics from Sydney University. My other qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Metabolism), a Masters in Global Communications, and an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and Health with a focus in Infant, Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition.

Facts not Fads

I am an evidence based nutritionist, that means I take a scientific approach to health and well-being, not what is on trend.

Real Food

I promote whole food for vitality, energy and health. I'm not interested in imitation foods that are highly processed, nutrient deficient and are linked to poor health


No one size fits all when it comes to food.I use a straightforward approach, working with you, in a way that suits you.