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Tips and tricks to stay healthy when travelling these school holidays

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

As term 2 comes to an end, school bags turn into suitcases and phrases like “I don’t want to do my homework” are replaced with “Are we there yet?” with many families preparing to head off for a much-needed holiday.

But like any new adventure, there are always obstacles to overcome. Imagine, you are an hour into your road trip or at the gate waiting to board, when a little voice mutters “I’m hungry”. There is a sign up ahead for a fast food joint and you sigh, realising that marketing has won again, or has it?

Here are a few simple tricks to make sure you have yummy things on hand, to compete with the convenience food on your journey.

It’s a common misconception that healthy food has to be strictly fruit or veg. Telling your kids, they can’t have fries and need to have carrot sticks is not really the point. Instead, offering more nutritious versions of popular snacks will satisfy their needs and spare you the likely tantrum from having to say no.

Tips and tricks:

Planning is key - get the kids involved in pre-making snacks for the trip. Kids are more likely to eat food when they have been part of the preparation process.

Packaging - make sure food is in a lunch box or Tupperware container and stored in a cooler bag to stay fresh. To really increase snack desirability, try wrapping food in baking paper with colourful string (kind of like a present) to replicate colourful fast food packaging.

Be a good role model - research has shown that kids are more likely to eat something if they see that their parents are enjoying it. So, if we want kids to eat well when we travel, then it has to be a family affair.

Best snacks for the road (plane):

1. Popcorn – popcorn is a whole grain food that is high in fibre and B vitamins.

2. Homemade banana chips – easy to make recipe that’s delicious without all the added sugar and industrial oils found in commercial brands.

3. Homemade beef or bean patty burgers on wholemeal bread with all the trimmings (onion, cheese, egg, salad etc.)– For the inevitable encounter with some particular golden arches.

4. Homemade hummus or pesto with baked pita bread crackers – check out www.myorganicschool.com for some of my easy veggie box recipes.

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